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We are a soccer academy that offers technical training in a small group setting and 1 on 1  in various locations throughout
 Houston for players of all levels & DFW  for Elite players.  We work with all  levels including DA & Pro-lever players.
We help ALL players to improve their technical ability and comfort on the ball.  For our younger players our objectives are to 
teach, encourage and promote creativity and for players not to bee afraid to take players on. 
For the older more seasoned players sessions will be prepared and
customized based on their specific position, thus being more functional & situational.


KAJI S.A. offers camps during Christmas break and summer break. 
We also offer international camps & tournaments opportunities to Portugal & Spain. 
 In addition through our partnership with we provide individual & small group training 
opportunities in many European countries, we have offices  in Holland, Portugal & England


Kaji Soccer Academy is led by Johann Arboleda with over 10 years of experience developing young talent in the Houston & more recent in the DFW area.
KAJI Soccer Academy was founded in 2015, the motivation behind starting KAJI S.A was due to the large number of players around the
Houston area that lacked the proper fundamentals with their individual technical component of their game.  We saw the need
to teach players fundamentals & comfort on the ball, more importantly we wanted to create an environment  with a methodology
that teaches players to be CREATIVE & PASSIONATE about taking players on 1v1 providing the tools to make decisions in tight spaces. 
      "I am very passionate about teaching this beautiful game, this is the most beautiful game in the world,
I believe that we are going to see a  wold class player coming out of the US very soon, Pulisic could be the one.
Teaching players at a young age the proper fundamentals and to be comfortable on the ball
will make them fall in love with the ball and give them the confidence to be creative in game like situations" Johann Arboleda.

Coaching License.png

Johann Arboleda owner & founder


A’ National USSF Coaching License

  5+ yrs coaching at the DA level, MLSNext & ECNL

Who are we and what do we offer:

  • We are a soccer academy that provides individual & small group training indoor (futsal) & outdoor throughout various Houston & DFW locations, we have a safe and very fun environment for players of all levels.

  • We offer local & international winter and summer camps.

What we guarantee:

  • Improve creativity

  • Improve ability to take players on

  • Improve 1st touch & passing techniques

  • Improve finishing & striking techniques

  • Create awareness & game intuition

  • Vision and ability to play with head off the ground.

  • Safe, Fun, & competitive environment

  • Freedom of expression with the ball.

  • Professional training with a proven curriculum & methodology

Contact Us:


PHONE: (713) 261-7144


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